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PC Monitoring 11.02.01

PC Monitoring 11.02.01: Monitor employees’ work hour activities on the Internet with PC monitoring too monitoring tool, employers can put a stop to all these practices and in turn increase the overall ROI of the organization. PC monitoring tool such as the Employee Desktop Live Viewer is an outstanding utility that can be deployed on the target systems without any company overheads. This software application consists of a Viewer set up that is installed in some remote station for monitoring other computers. There is also an Agent setup file installed

Employee Monitoring Software 11.02.01: Employee monitoring software to monitor and control employee activities
Employee Monitoring Software 11.02.01

monitoring requirement of your organization, facility of remote agent installation is available, so that you perform monitoring secretively. Free demo version of Employee monitoring software is also available to make you familiar with its features and functions. Demo version lets you monitor activities of one computer for 7 days and lets you schedule monitoring for 5 minutes. Once evaluation period is over, you can purchase the full version of the

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Little:eye 3.0

Monitoring Fault Management Remote Control Inventory management for Windows Web based reports Performance Monitoring CISCO device monitoring MOTOROLA device monitoring SNMP Device monitoring Client-Server Architecture Network printer monitoring Syslog Deamon Application Monitoring Bandwidth test DHCP DNS HTTP (URL) IMAP LDAP ODBC POP3 SMTP Telnet(*) MSSQL MAIL SQL QUERY UDPECHO CPU load Disk size Memory NTP Ping Process(*) Service(*) SNMP TCP port

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SharpShooter Dashboards 7.2.0: A pack of .NET components for intelligent digital dashboard creation.
SharpShooter Dashboards 7.2.0

Dashboards. This product is developed for the .NET framework 4.0 and includes gauges and charting components. The use of SharpShooter Dashboards package allows the creation of hardware emulators, dashboards, KPI and visually appealing graphs and charts. SharpShooter Dashboards contains Dashboard Web Viewer and Win Viewer which allow the developers to view digital dashboards in the Win Forms and ASP.NET applications. Gauges and charting components

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InfoCaptor 3.2

dashboard contents, suitable for distributing and presentations * Create quick Dashboard prototypes, no server installation needed Why you need this tool? * Dashboard Prototyping * Database Documentation * Discoverer Documentation * Database Monitoring * Nested Loop Reporting * ERP Setup Documentation * Create e-books from blog database * BI meta-data and Lineage Documentation * Multi-database view * SQL Query Repository * Common Reporting Front

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Dashboards 3.4: Create and Deploy Desktop and Web base Dashboards. Connect to any SQL database
Dashboards 3.4

# You just need to create dashboards using adhoc simple SQL queries # You don`t need a server-based solution # You want to be able to control how your dashboard looks without programming # You need to document and report on meta-data # You need to document your Database Schema # You need to document ERP and CRM setups # You need real-time analysis # Your users need to interact with your reports and dashboards # You need a common tool for

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Employee Network Monitoring 1.0: Employee network monitoring software toolbar for Internet Explorer.
Employee Network Monitoring 1.0

Netvizor. Employee network monitoring software toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find employee network monitoring software and resources. Easily find the employee network monitoring software you need. Includes a search function and a favorites section for downloading employee network monitoring.

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